Here we offer a selectio of original vintage Made in the USA New Old Stock (NOS) Paper In Oil (PIO) capacitors. These are getting harder and harder to find and we only have limited stock available. The perfect replacement for your vinage guitar or upgrade for your new instrument.


Hopkins .022 µF PIO cap - our standard go-to cap for guitars with humbuckers, but we also like it a lot in Fender®-style guitars


West-Cap .047 µF PIO cap - our standard go-to cap for Fender®-style guitars


John E. Fast .047 µF PIO cap - comparable to the West-Cap cap, but a little bigger


Gudeman .047 µF PIO cap - the highest quality vintage PIO cap available. Sounds (and looks) great in Telecaster®-style guitars


Sprague .022 µF ceramic cap - if you have little space and/or don't need fancy PIO caps, these vintage US-made Sprague ceramic are our preferred choice.


The price is for a single capacitor.

NOS Paper In Oil capacitors

  • Vintage electronics do not come with any warranty and cannot be returned.