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Cryogenic treatment of metals is utilized by a wide variety of industries (aerospace, automotive, mechanical) to dramatically increase stability and durability. That’s because metals are formed by un-ordered crystals. Upon incubation at very low temperatures (no need to try this with your freezer at home - that won’t do it), the crystals become ordered, which leads to a uniform orientation, thus more stability. When used on our pickups, I was blown away by the results. The magnetic field of the humbucker is measurably more uniform and stronger than in an untreated pickup.


The advantages of being able to use our US-made AlNiCo magnets with enhanced magnetic strength through cryo-tuning are clear: we can now put relatively low windings on the bobbins, reducing the resistance without compromising the overall output of the pickup. Most importantly, the cryo-treatment results in a more transparent and dynamic sound than our competitor’s contemporary PAF models -- more akin to a great set of vintage PAF humbuckers.


We were so impressed by our results that we filed for a patent for the optimized process of the cryogenic treatment.

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