We check every VIPot before it gets packaged and shipped. Usually, when customers contact us saying that their new VIPot is broken, it's almost always because of incorrect installation.


The most common mistake - and the easiest way to literally fry a pot - is overheating. The engraved VIP logo on the back of the VIPots doesn't only look pretty sharp, it's also designed to make soldering easier, minimizing the heat exposure on the pot.


ALWAYS use a soldering iron with 40W or more and an appropriate D-series tip (with kind of a chisel look)! ALWAYS turn the pot down to 0 before soldering! ALWAYS - if possible - use leaded solder (60/40).

However, if you're not experienced and solder regularly, we strongly suggest you find a guitar tech and have him/her install your new VIPots for you. Remember, those guys also need to put food on the table and the warranty for the VIPots is void once touched by a soldering iron. If you're unsure, better let someone else install your new VIPots for you.


Another way to damage your new VIPots during installation is to overtighten the nuts. If the four little tabs that are holding the little metal plate with the shaft, track, etc. are not able to withstand the force applied to the shaft, they will bend and let the plate/shaft rotate freely.

It's an easy fix - pull the tabs back a little more so that you can move the plate back into it's centered position. Then pry the tabs back into place, using pliers, so that they hold the shaft in place.

We strongly suggest to tighten the nuts by using a 1/2" drive socket held in your hand.

ALWAYS use one of the washers between the VIPot and the top of your guitar or pickguard.