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Play like a King

Play VIP ROYAL singlecoils

The VIP ROYAL singlecoil set is the newest addition to our program of authentic replicas of the pickups found in guitars from the golden ages of guitar building (50s-60s).


"So simple in design, yet so easy to screw up." That is a good description of the singlecoil pickups in the world's most famous electric guitar made in California.

The ROYAL set is wound to the exact specs of an early 54 bridge pickup and early 55 neck and middle pickups.

We  studied many documents from the old Fender factory and used our experience in repairing numerous old Fender® pickups to recreate the winding pattern and wire tension of the originals. In addition, we use VIP vintage spec and cryo-tuned AlNiCo magnet rods to really get it right.

We use vintage correct vulcanized fiberboard for the bobbins and wax pot each coil using an exceptionally gentle technique we developed recently.

Put a set in your favorite Strat® and you'll know what we mean. The ROYALs bring out the best in your guitar (and your playing) without coloring the character and sound of your guitar. They are true microphones for your tone.

Like all other VIP pickups, the ROYAL set is hand wound in Salem, MA and contains materials exclusively sourced in the USA!


"The Royals are excellent pickups ... I had Eric Johnson pickups in my Strat, which are good pickups ... the Royals are better. Super good work, man!"  - ShokryB.

Enter your kingdom


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