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The HONEYBUCKER set is our second set of humbucking pickups and boy do we like them! The Honeys are for people who are looking for something a little bit louder, with a tad more midrange than the LOVERS.


The HONEYBUCKERS have a few unique features under their covers.

Not only are the coils mismatched to increase transparency and dynamics. We also wound one coil with 42 AWG plain enamel wire (Made in USA to our specs) and the other coil with 42 AWG polyurethan wire to get the best of both worlds - the sweetness and depth of PE and the faster attack and clarity of PU.

Of course, all magnetized parts of the HONEYBUCKER are cryo-tuned to optimize the magnetic field and thus dynamics and performance of the pickup.

By the way: The HONEYBUCKERS work great in Fender® style guitars. Quite a few monster players we know use them in their Strats or offset guitars to get the growl of a humbucker, but still enough clarity and twang you'd expect from such a guitar.

JD likes a Honeybucker in the bridge position of his Jazzmaster (starts at 1:21:50)

Our buddy Nik digs the Honeybuckers in his V.

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