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Here's one of the greatest guys I know - JD Simo - playing a Goldtop I built years ago with a smokin' set of LOVERS 

The LOVERS™ are our rendition of our favorite humbucker sound ever recorded: The sound of a Les Paul through a cranked Marshall combo.


Literally years of Research & Development went into this set of humbuckers. But finally, all the work paid off and we found the humbucker set we were hoping for. No need for ten different variations of one thing - the LOVERS are our Patent Applied For inspired pickups. And they are named Sara-Bucker (neck) and Buddy-Bucker (bridge) after my wonderful wife and me - real life lovers.


Each individual part of the LOVERS™ pickups has been optimized for material and performance and sourced exclusively in the USA or Europe. Some of the components are custom made just for us. The coils are wound with hand-guided 42 AWG plain enamel wire (Made in Germany to our specs) and mismatched for both pickups.


Our unique cryo-tuning process (pat. pending) distinguishes us from all other pickup winders. It allows us to put relatively low winds on the bobbins, reducing the resistance without compromising on overall output of the pickup. Even better, the treatment results in a more transparent and dynamic sound than many other contemporary Patent Applied For models - more akin to a great set of vintage  humbuckers.



"In a blind test, all visitors to my shop preferred the LOVERS to all other humbuckers tested, including real PAFs. Disbelievingly, customers brought other pickups for comparison, but in the end the LOVERS emerged superior to them all ... So, are the LOVERS better than the legendary Patent Applied For pickups?

For many listeners, definitely."

-Gitarre & Bass 07/2019

Click HERE to read a fantastic review of the LOVERS on

"The sound of the Lovers is reminiscent of the classic rock sound of the early 70s ... powerful, transparent, and with nicely pronounced pick attack ... Perfect for crunchy Rock riffs a la Billy Gibbons."

-Grand Guitars Sept/Oct 2016

"I love mine, especially with the VIP pots. They really brought my R9 to life. Best pickups I've ever played!" -Chad C.

"Blown away! Better sounding than the real vintage paf’s I’ve owned! Absolutely awesome sounding vintage tone!!" -Gino C.

"Man, these pickups are crazy good! My luthier and I are going crazy!" -Shokry B.

"The Lovers are awesome. Finally, my Les Paul sounds exactly like I always wanted it to sound ... Less muddy and compressed, but clear and warm, kind of like a flute, with amazing sting separation ... The sound is reminiscent of a fat Telecaster (Twang). More powerful than my P90 Les Paul, but always clear and transparent ... I highly recommend these pickups ..."  -Tom F.

"Great PAF replicas! They provide a lot of dynamics and clarity but still have got the right amount of warmth. They enable those great doublenotes which make the high strings of my Les Paul sound so fat and crispy, even at very low distortion level. This goes for both, neck as well as bridge. My search has ended here!" -Uli D.

"Wow, I am thrilled with the incredible string punch and clarity of these pickups! ... the Lovers are outstanding on their own." -Ron O.

"Thank you thank you thank you... The tone is just amazing. The response to volume and tone knob is perfect. Don't know what you are doing different than others, but I love them." -James C.

"Great craftsmanship and quality, has all the right parts of a real PAF. Thanks" -Zach K.

"I’ve got to tell you ... the Lovers sound INCREDIBLE! I’m one satisfied customer. Great job!" -Brad E.

LOVERS and VIPots in a Burst!

Check out the LOVERS on The Doug and Pat Show!

The review of the LOVERS starts at 14:50.

Click HERE to listen to the "Chasing Oscar" segment of the LOVERS

by the Doug and Pat Show.

Vintage expert, amp builder, and tone gourmet Udo Pipper digs the LOVERS ... a lot.

Really digging this review of the LOVERS

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