Vintage Inspired Pickups

            in 2021

First let me say that we're very humbled and thankful for all of our amazing customers worldwide! When we started this business years ago we would've never thought we'd ever get close to where we are now.

We're currently trying hard to catch up on the backlog of orders - so, if you placed an order with us, don't worry, you'll get your pickups soon.


To everyone else: We're very sorry, but we currently cannot take any pickup orders.

Instead, we will be offering pickups in our store every now and then. Make sure to join our mailing list to get a notification once they are available.


Let's hope that this dreadful pandemic is over at one point and things go back to normal. We'll send out a notification to our mailing list (subscribe here) once we're open for pickup orders again.

VIPots will continue to be available in our shop as usual.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Founder Vintage Inspired Pickups, LLC.