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Our local USPS sorting facility stopped scanning packages into the USPS system! Tracking will be delayed even though the package is on its way to you. If you NEED tracking information and/or your shipment urgently, please select UPS Ground shipping!

We try to ship orders as quickly as possible - usually on the day of, or a day after ordering. We're offering a selection of different shipping options. Standard USPS shipping in the lower US is free for orders of $50 and more. However, please be aware that Standard US and Standard International USPS shipping, as well as UPS International Standard shipments are NOT insured, meaning that we cannot replace or refund the items if they get lost or damaged during shipping.
UPS Ground and UPS Worldwide Expedited shipping is insured for up to $100.

If you are an international customer and you need your VIP products quickly - please choose the UPS Worldwide Expedited shipping option, as we've seen significant delays with USPS and/or Global Post shipments lately.

Shipping costs to Australia can vary a lot. If the actual shipping costs are significantly higher than our automated quote, we will get in contact with the buyer and discuss shipping options.

"I got a message saying that my order shipped, but I don't see any tracking updates."

Due to the sheer volume of orders, we have to drop off all USPS shipments at our local
USPS sorting facility in Beverly, MA. Unfortunately, they stopped scanning the packages in this sorting facility. That means that tracking will usually start once the shipment has reached its final destination post office on the day before, or the day of delivery.

"My order's been sitting in customs forever! Can you do anything to help?"

We would love to! But unfortunately, USPS has no power over shipments once they've left the US. Th
ere is nothing we can do. Please contact your local postal service and/or customs to inquire about the status of the shipment. However, in more than 99.9% of these cases, the package will eventually be delivered.

"I've been waiting a while, but the package still didn't arrive, it only says "arriving late" on the USPS tracking site."

Unfortunately, we've been seeing this more and more in the last 2 years. Nothing we can do. Sorry. Please be patient, USPS will eventually deliver the package.

"Hey guys, I'm an international customer and wonder if you could declare my order as used items with a value under xy?"

Unfortunately, we can't do that. We're a legit business that has to follow the rules.


"Can the VIPots be used for volume and tone?"


"I installed the VIPots, and now one (or more) of them are not working!"

We test every single VIPot before we pack and ship it to make sure that they leave our shop in perfect condition. Honestly, in thousands of VIPots sold so far, only less than a handful came defective from the factory. So chances are that they either got damaged during shipping or damaged during installation.
That's why we ask you (in our Warranty, Return, and Refund policy online and on the little flyer that comes with every order) to please check the VIPots for function BEFORE you put them in your guitar. Installing VIPots will void the warranty, no exceptions!
If your VIPots were damaged during shipping, please contact us immediately after you receive the package/notice the damage.
We have some instructions on how to best install the VIPots, avoid damaging them during installation, and fix them if something went wrong on our VIP Installation Tips site.

"I'm planning on ordering a few sets of VIPots. Do you guys offer rebates?" or "I'm super famous and am playing with artist xy, can I get VIPots for free?"

We do offer a small discount on bulk orders from small builders and repair shops. Unfortunately, we don't offer these discounts to private persons, no matter how famous they are.

VIP pickups

"How can I order a set of VIP pickups?"

Unfortunately, currently not at all. Please refer to the "Ordering" site for more details.

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