The VIPots are exact functional copies of 50s Centralab pots. The same audio taper, the same torque and US fine spline split shaft for a direct drop-in replacement. 550kOhm with 15% tolerance, putting them in the range of all the tested NOS pots.

They are available as a pair of two or a set of four. Due to the increasing scarcity of PIO caps, we had to stop offering sets of VIPots with NOS PIO caps. Now, PIO caps can be added to your order seperately here (if in stock).


We offer a kOhm MATCHING option, because even though our VIPots are very tightly spec'd with low tolerances, some players want even tighter matched sets. If you opt for the MATCHING option, you will receive a set with matched values in a range between 520 and 570 kOhms (e.g. 553-558-556-551 or 538-532-534-536). Due to the low tolerances of the VIPots, we can only put together matched sets between 520k-570k, and final values may vary by +/- 2%.


PLEASE READ: The VIPots have a 3/8" shaft, which some may refer to as "short shaft". They will fit Gibson Reissue/Historic and semi-hollow (ES-335, etc.) guitars, but will NOT fit modern Gibson Les Paul models (e.g. Les Paul Standard/Classic/etc.) that require our long shaft VIPots. Please check if your guitar requires long shaft pots before you order.


We test every VIPot for function before we send it out. Sounds crazy, but we really do. So please, check them BEFORE you install them, as we cannot offer warranty/replacement/etc. once the VIPot has been touched by a soldering iron.


Check out our VIPots Installation Tips before you install your new VIPots.

VIPots 550k

    • authentic audio taper
    • authentic torque
    • 550kOhm +/- 15%
    • 3/8" shaft
    • 24 teeth knurled split shaft


  • All VIP pickups are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 5 years. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser with proof of purchase. Any modification done to the product will void the warranty.

    If you have purchased the pickup through a dealer, please contact them directly for handling warranty-related matters.

    Pickups purchased directly from us may be exchanged or returned within 14 days of purchase. We can only accept items that are in their original brand new condition and show zero signs of use (see exceptions for pickups below). Any items returned in less than brand new condition will be refused. You must first contact us for return authorization and instructions prior to returning an item. The buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. We cannot accept returns or exchanges on custom orders or non-stock items.

    We are not responsible for any damages caused by installation, or use of non-supplied mounting hardware or covers.

    If the lead wire(s) need to be replaced (due to shortening, un-braiding or solder residue), there is a $20 per pickup re-lead fee for braided wire or 4 conductor cable. If an installed cover has been scratched or damaged, there is a $20 replacement fee per cover.

    Please understand that there is no warranty on VIPots once touched by a soldering iron, as we cannot control how the VIPots are installed and exposed to heat during installation.

    Vintage parts do not come with any warranty and cannot be returned.

    VIP guarantees your order to be as described and free from defect upon delivery. If your order arrives defective, please contact us within 3 days of delivery and we will replace the damaged items.

    Items that were lost or damaged during shipping are only eligible for replacement if shipped with an insured mailing service (USPS Priority Mail, UPS Ground). Damaged or lost items cannot be refunded.

    All shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer.